Pre-planning a Funeral 

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Dealing with the loss of someone special is never easy but the goal of the Phillip Funeral Home is to take as much stress and sorrow out of the situation as possible. We feel pre­planning is the best way to accomplish this, and encourage families to openly discuss their funeral wishes to provide peace of mind for everyone involved. A carefully preplanned service will be a comfort to your family, as it spares them from having to face decisions that can be both emotionally and financially difficult at the time of need. It can give them lasting peace of mind to know that they have acted in accordance with your wishes.

Making pre-arrangements can be as simple or as detailed as you wish. You can make the selection of the services, casket, vault, urn, music, etc. or simply record the information that will be needed for legal forms and other paperwork.

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Another reason to preplan is to ensure that your family will receive all the benefits for which they are entitled. It is important that all of your personal records, including bank account numbers, investment information, insurance policy numbers and location of important papers be accessible to family members in the event of a death. Essential information and your personal wishes for your funeral can be recorded ahead of time. This ensures that the protection you worked and planned for, will be received by your beneficiaries when they need it most.

Pre-financed Funeral

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Pre-financed funeral agreements can be financed by a funeral trust or through life insurance products.

Once established, funeral trusts protect consumers 100% in the state of Wisconsin. Many different circumstances exist, but a revocable funeral trust is usually in the form of a savings account or certificate of deposit. You, the consumer, control the money and interest earned. You may withdraw the money anytime prior to death, but you automatically cancel the agreement by doing so. The interest earned on these trusts is taxable to yourself, but some are tax exempt. Trust agreements do not normally guarantee funeral prices, but they do allow you to keep complete control of your money. In the past the interest earned has kept up with funeral cost increases.

All irrevocable funeral trusts are non-refundable. Your money becomes locked in as payment for your funeral expense in the form of a certificate of deposit in your name. Irrevocable trusts can be advantageous if you are receiving financial assistance (an example would be assistance from the Washington County Department of Social Services) as the money in these trusts does not count as a resource.

Remember, revocable trusts are refundable. Irrevocable trusts are not, but in either case you still control which funeral home you want to use. A letter is all that is required should you decide to use a different funeral home prior to death. While the funeral trust may not yield a particularly high interest rate, it does allow you to retain control of the money (including interest) prior to death when done revocably. Please note that in almost all instances the contract will be declared null and void should you choose to withdraw any of the money (principal and/or interest) prior to death.

Arrangements can be made in the comfort of your own home by clicking the button below.  Fill in as much as you are comfortable with and we'd be pleased to meet with you to discuss further.  See the form below for details.

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